If you are a business owner with a little touch of spiritual (whether it’s in your business or not)
then our networking groups are for you.

We provide monthly networking meetings in locations around Australia
to give you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people
in a safe, supportive environment.

Plus we have a guest speaker at each event so you can grow your business
and be the best version of you at the same time.

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Connecting with beautiful souls, learning from each other & laughing together was all so wonderful. The speakers were amazing & I can’t wait for the next meeting.
Mel Gilchrist
What a great Wellness Hub meeting; wonderful speakers and connecting with like-minded souls. It was very empowering to watch everyone speak their passion on video. We enjoyed tangible outcomes leaving with open hearts and our promotion videos. Thank you.
Karen Bowller
The quality of speakers was just amazing. My most enjoyable part of the day was to learn from the amazing experience of Jean’s. I’m really glad I came. I loved every minute, the beautiful connections, the great value I took from the day.
Samia Pego-Keating
At the Wellness Hub meeting today, things changed for me and lots of info reassured me in my business direction. Thank you Nikki. The speakers were fun, informative and definitely added value.
Angela Cushway
My heartfelt gratitude for all your efforts and great skill organising the Wellness Hubs Australia meeting! It was precious, fun, challenging and I benefited a lot.
bettina rosche
Wellness Hubs Australia has given me the most fabulous networking support, as I finally, after years of procrastination, stepped into my “big girls pants” as a coach and Dru yoga expert. It has given me high quality, up to date, practical, authentic and heart-based business information, training and mentoring. Which has given me the confidence to create and grow my own authentic, heart based business. With the support of this amazing group of people I am growing stronger and shining brighter, doing and BEING what I love……… for a living! And I have met some life long friends along the way as well as tapped into the power of referrals.
Morag Morrish
Thank you for your amazing meetings. Incredible value, inspirational speakers and time to meet and network with some wonderful people.
Kate Gyngell
Wellness Hubs is what has supported my growth, understanding and gave me a home when I knew nothing, scared of everything and felt like I didn’t belong. I’m so grateful for everyone in WHA.
Tania Sloan
Although I have only been to 3 meetings since recently joining, every time I attend I come away with something more to work on which is of real value to Indigo Awakenings. Thank you Wellness Hubs.
Lynette Taylor


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