Kate Gyngell, Health Consultant

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I am a health consultant and have been an independent business owner with USANA Health Sciences for 10 years having come across the company and their products whilst on my search for a more natural way to support and improve the health of my son. I have a large customer base and work particularly to help them improve their energy levels, quality of sleep and digestive health primarily through diet, supplementation and stress reduction.

Personally, I am a wife, and mother of 3 children and moved to Sydney from London 13 years ago. I had been working there as the administrator of a women’s charity set up originally in the 1920s for women with TB and diversifying to a multitude of serious health conditions as TB became more treatable.

I have written an ebook titled “Creating Wealth from Home – A Mother’s Story” and regularly present at business and health seminars.  I also run online training webinars for the team I work with both here in Sydney and overseas.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with and learn from the wonderful group of individuals at the Crows Nest Wellness Hub.  I believe it is becoming increasingly urgent to wake up the world to the many powerful health and healing methods available.   Through collaboration and learning how to improve our business skills, we can grow our businesses, spread our message further and have a greater impact.

Judi Bastinwagner, Holistic Hampers

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I am the principal of Holistic Hampers which provides care and assistance to cancer patients and other people undergoing hospital treatments. The contents of the hampers are chosen with an understanding of the trauma, on both emotional and physical levels, whilst providing many things the patient needs to recover and to bring comfort. We also have a range of Wellness Hampers for people requiring some overdue pampering or a special ‘hug’; providing a balance to the more practical Healing Hampers.

Personally I have been in the health industry for over 20 years and have qualifications in botanical medicine, aromatherapy, massage, Reiki, vibrational medicine, colour therapy, and psychotherapy. During this time, I have mainly been involved with AIDS and dementia patients, providing relief through massage and the use of personalised aromatherapy creams.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with the Crows Nest Hub and hope that we are able to share our many experiences to the benefit of all.