Below are the Wellness Hubs Australia Meeting Etiquette Guidelines. It is important that all members and guests read and abide by these at each meeting.

  1. DON’T arrive late or leave early, if possible. We will start on time at 9:30am each meeting, please arrive 15 mins early for tea/coffee and introductions. REMEMBER – this is a  professional environment.
  2. DON’T forcibly market your business to other attendees. Remember that this is more a peer networking event rather than a marketing networking event.
  3. DON’T add people to your email list, without them giving you permission.
  4. BE RESPECTFUL of others views and accept others thoughts graciously, even if your view is contradictory.
  5. DON’T launch into discussions about irrelevant information when given an opportunity to share. DO stick to the agenda and topic of discussion.
  6. DON’T speak without listening or interrupt people when they are talking. DO ensure you give the views of each attendee respect and  consideration.
  7. DO register your attendance at events online, so organisers can cater for the numbers.
  8. DON’T underrate the contribution you can make. DO attempt to make an active contribution to discussions and ask questions of the speakers.
  9. DON’T assume knowledge of others and don’t dismiss any questions people may ask, even if they appear naïve.
  10. DON’T discuss confidential information outside the meeting room. DO respect all confidences afforded to you.